Steve Mason and his dog, George, as a puppy

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John Gibson with Rascoe

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Nathan Walker and his dogs, Akira and Bailey

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Andrew Shaw hangs out with his pups

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Nick Bonino wears lederhosen while his dog, Kali, lays at his feet.

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Cam Fowler and Nick Bonino’s dog, Kali

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Jack Campbell with his dog, Archie

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Jack Campbell with his puppy, Archie

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Steve Ott and his dog

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionHi there! I was wondering if you happened to know if Mikhail Grigorenko's dog was a certain breed or mix? It's so beautiful! I apologize if you get these types of questions all the time and absolutely hate them. Thank you for any help! Have a good one. Answer

I’m not sure what breed his dog might be. I’m leaning toward Samoyed, since when I see a big, white ball of fluff, that’s where my mind goes automatically. But, if anyone knows for sure, let me know!

(Also, these sorts of questions/messages never bother me, so if you have questions or comments, feel free to send them to me!)

Steve Ott giving his dog some love

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Kerby Rychel and his cat, Tempelton

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Jeff Carter and his now-wife, Megan, celebrate their engagement with their dogs.

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Mike Richards and his two dogs enjoy breakfast with the Stanley Cup.

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Zenon Konopka carrying his rabbit, Hoppy

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